Health Tip Exercising as a Senior

If you are a senior WHO is considering beginning associate degree exercise routine, you will have variety of queries.

The yank Council on Exercise offers these answers to common questions:

If you are curious if it’s too late for you to begin physical exertion, it’s not. you may relish a lot of health edges if you are active.
If you have got any medical conditions, confer with your doctor regarding exercises that area unit safe for you.
If you are looking for joint-friendly exercises, contemplate swimming or water cardiopulmonary exercise, biking, elliptical machines or row. confer with your doctor regarding walking and cardiopulmonary exercise for healthier bones.
Start out slowly, for simply 5 minutes every day. Gradually, physical exercise to half-hour per day on most days of the week.
Even if you are at a healthy weight, you are doing ought to exercise.
If you are involved regarding cash, simply begin walking — it’s free and nice for your health.

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