The Effects of Low Thyroid Levels in the Body

hyroid is an important hormone which helps stimulate cellular energy production and other crucial hormones that in turn support the development and growth of the body. It is made by the pituitary glands which produce the thyroid stimulating hormone. Living with low thyroid levels in the body has proved challenging and difficult for affected persons. Low thyroid levels in the body affect overall health by slowing down the metabolism process and affecting energy production in the body. This alone greatly affects individuals who are thus unable to carry out their normal day-to-day activities due to feelings of exhaustion and weakness.
Low levels of the hormone affects a great deal of body functions thus exhibiting various telltale symptoms like unexplained weight gain, faint or irregular heartbeat, fatigue, variations in body temperature, dry skin, low or high blood pressure, weak muscles, constipation, chronic pain, sleep apnea, joint pain, head congestion, brittle nails, hoarseness and frequent infections. Low levels of thyroid are also associated with an increased risk of fatal heart attacks and cardiovascular diseases. Most sufferers constantly suffer colds or constipation, or gain considerable weight without increasing the amount of food they eat. Now a days people are very concerned about their health.
Hypothyroidism is a condition that is caused by low thyroid levels in the body and it mostly affects women of age 50 or above. Most symptoms may go undetected for years. The main problem experienced in detecting the condition is that most of the symptoms are commonplace e.g. fatigue and low energy levels and people may dismiss these as being harmless or normal. If not taken care of however these normal symptoms can proceed to cause other fatal problems. The only way to make sure that your thyroid levels are safe is to have a complete thyroid check and blood work done at least once per year. So try this really good for health.
For those with the condition, replacement therapies are available to augment the low levels of thyroid hormone. These come in the form of natural supplements or medications which are administered by professional medics; these medications are usually very sensitive and have to be taken as per instructions. There are various natural supplements available in the market and these products can be purchased online at affordable prices. The internet has a wide range of products to choose from and it also offers you a chance to compare different prices.
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